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    Discover the Only Cowgirl Boots that Offer Three Styles for the Price of One!

    Welcome to the Launch of Dusty Rocker's latest campaign: One Boot, Three Styles.

    That's right, now with every order you get THREE interchangeable inlay inserts for the price of one! So for those looking for variety, style, practicality and might we add, comfort, you are in the right spot!

    To kick off the fun, we sat down with our founder, Leslie Thompson, the woman who turned interchangeable inlay into a reality! Take a peak at what she had to say:

    Of all the things one could design, why boots?

    Because I love boots, and they are a must in my personal closet. I am the type of girl who wears boots on every occasion, from the car pool line to a night on the town, I am in boots. However, at the time, I had far too many boots that didn't fit my specific needs. That's when I set out to build a pair that did!

    What made you think of interchangeable inlay?

    I am a very "matchy-matchy" kind of girl, and I always liked my boots to match my outfits. However, as a girl on a budget, I could not keep buying boots to go with everything in my closet! So that's when I decided to design a customizable boot, the type of boot that could go with anything. I landed on interchangeable inlay and never looked back!

    Tell us, can you pick a favorite style and inlay choice? If so, which is it?

    My favorite is the Brown Dahlia with Magenta Inlay. Its feminine yet classic.

    Describe your brand in three words.

    Practical. Fun. Pretty.

    Why "One Boot, Three Styles?"

    I created this brand to have options and I wanted our customers to have those same options. Knowing that most customers start with one interchangeable inlay, the one that comes with the boot, I felt like some were not benefiting from the full experience of interchangeable inlay. I wanted our customers to have a solid foundation to explore the possibilities and hopefully, expand their wardrobe just like I did! Hence - "One Boot, Three Styles!"



    In Case You Missed Horses & Heels Latest Blog Post - Leopard Love: The Chaney Boots

    We want to give a big shout out to Horses & Heels for reviewing (and loving!) our beloved Chaney Boot! We have admired the stylish Raquel for a long time now and we bet you have too. However, in cased you missed it, we wanted to share with you some of her photos, comments, and of course, the link to her full blog post!

    "If you are looking for style and comfort, these are for you. I knew the first time out that these boots weren’t going to give me any fit issues."

    "The soft leather leopard print offers the perfect amount of texture."

    "The beauty about these boots is you can wear them with black or brown attire."

    Thanks again Horses & Heels! For the full post, click here.

    P.S. We loved how Racquel styled her leopard Chaney boots! Tell us, how do yo like to wear yours?

    Welcome to our New Website!

    Welcome Everyone! We are so excited to have you here, on our new site! While we loved our previous site, and it took us many of miles, we felt it was time for an update! However, our 2016 fun doesn't end there. We have a year full of new designs on both the Dusty Rocker and Broken T side, along with several events and road shows, and that's just the beginning!

    One of our goals for this year is to connect with you! We want to know who you are, what you like, what inspires you, and what you would like to see from us! We will be in touch with you on a regular basis through our blog and newsletter, as well as through Facebook and Instagram - so make sure to follow us for the latest and greatest news (maybe even limited editions or special promo announcements!)

    And lastly (for this post!), as we move through this year, and the years to come, we are looking to grow our team. Yes, you heard right, we want your help in expanding the Dusty Rocker Tribe - a band of women who know and love the power of interchangeable inlay and the way these boots step up their wardrobe game! Of course, as many of you know, we have also expanded with the Broken T line, which provides even more depth to our line, making us the go to cowboy boot brand for women and men alike! So join our team and help us spread the love - we can't wait to meet you!

    With love and excitement,

    Leslie Thompson and the Dusty Rocker Team!